Unique Shabby Chic Furniture
Unique Shabby Chic Furniture

Unique Shabby Chic Furniture

We take great care in selecting beautiful, elegant, classy & sometimes quirky items of furniture which we refurbish, and which we offer  at very attractive prices. We're satisfied only when you are. Drop in and have a look around. We look forward to your visit!



Our furniture

First of all a little note;

Furniture which is selected for *shabby chic* is chosen for its aged look, knocks, indentations etc, which only adds to the items authenticity!! so please bare in mind when purchasing a Shabby Chic item from our store that you are purchasing a refurbished item and that you are not buying a Brand New Item of furniture.



Our service

We're the specialists for bespoke, customised planning and assembly. Should you want an item of your own furniture refurbishing/restoring,  which you love dearly, but is looking very tired, we start by making you an offer, on request, with no obligation on your part, and then we provide you with comprehensive advice. We can also advise you on the best choices to suit your item and your budget.

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